Order printing of printed products in the TYPOGRAFF printing house
For large-format printing, paper, film, PVC, foam board, acrylic composite, printing on canvas, production of photo wallpaper are used. We can say that this is any outdoor advertising in general, but there is, for example, a print of a picture that is used inside to decorate a room.

Types of large format printing:

  • ► for interior
  • ► for placement outside.
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The most common material for large format printing is self-adhesive film and banner fabric. They are used for temporary advertising signs, advertisements, sticking on cars and shop windows.

You can often notice that, for example, on a showcase or car, there is an image on one side, and on the other, the tinted glass is a One Way Vision film. It is used as an advertisement and for non-transparency of windows. Although at night, with indoor light, the effect is reversed.

In fact, large-format printing is all printing, only a very large format with a width of 1.6 to 5 meters. Within these limits, our TYPOGRAFF printing house can make any of your individual orders for large-format printing quickly and on time.
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Frequently asked questions about large format printing
  • • Expiry date of printed matter. It depends on many factors. First of all, on the quality of the material and paints.
  • • Price. Our range of services is wide. Therefore, we work with individual and corporate orders in the city of Zhitomir, Zhitomir region and all over Ukraine. The cost of large format printing directly depends on the circulation, material and urgency. Therefore, when calculating, take into account first of all these three components. Also, we remind you that the cost of large format printing does not include layout development.
  • • Timing. We always try to meet our clients halfway. There is always an opportunity to make urgent large-format printing, but there are circumstances that directly affect the duration of the execution. Therefore, we have calculated the average, most optimal production time for large format printing, so that all orders are fulfilled on time. For details, you can always contact the managers of the TYPOGRAFF printing house, who will orient you more accurately. The average period is from 2 days, excluding force majeure cases.
Large format printing applications:
  • ► for banner signs, stretch marks, awnings, firewalls on paper;
  • ► printing on film for pasting shop windows, signboards, cars, etc .;
  • ► posters, posters, posters, citylights, billboards on paper;
  • ► plates, pointers, signs, letters, tablets, life-size figures on pvc, foam board or composite;
  • ► numbers, tags, photographs, watches, plates, figured products on acrylic;
  • ► print canvas, painting, modules, etc .;
  • ► wallpaper.
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