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Printing souvenirs at TYPOGRAFF Printing House
On the website of the TYPOGRAFF printing house, souvenir products are presented, the printing on which is suitable for both corporate clients and individual orders. High-quality application of a logo, picture, photo, slogan - you can order all this online in the appropriate thematic section.

Personalizing everyday things is easy!

There are several methods for applying an image to various types of material. The uniqueness of the design increases the value and effectiveness of a particular media. Any souvenir product implies a kind of branding of goods. For example, you want to order the printing of souvenir products with a logo, company slogan or just a separate phrase. At the same time, the originality and uniqueness of things becomes 100%.

Technologies for applying on souvenir products

Ordinary items can be small gifts or souvenirs. Products made of plastic, metal, wood or leather will be your business cards. And the production of this kind of souvenir products with a logo increases brand awareness. There are a number of ways to apply an image:

  • ► embroidery - drawing an image with threads on textiles or clothing,
  • ► screen printing or silk screen printing,
  • ► sublimation - a method of dyeing synthetics,
  • ► laser engraving,
  • ► decoration - the process of applying an image to ceramics, glass or porcelain (you first need to clarify the material, since not everything can be applied with this technology).
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Printing and scanning of drawings A0, A1, A2, A3 in TYPOGRAFF printing house
Our TYPOGRAFF printing house is engaged in printing and scanning of drawings in A0, A1, A2, A3 formats. We offer a fast and convenient service for designers, architects, constructors, engineers, etc. We do full-color scanning and printing of drawings of any edition.

We are often approached by both corporate and individual clients. For example, design bureaus, design institutes and enterprises that deal with architecture.

Why is it important to scan drawings in color?

Some drawings are printed in full color, and a photocopy of them in black and white will not be so bright and presentable, for example, a project of a summer cottage or a city park. Therefore, by providing such printing services as scanning and printing of drawings, we can confidently assert that your projects, flow charts, graphs, diagrams will be either digital or paper version as an original or a copy in the best quality.

Order scan and print drawings online

The ability to order online printing of drawings is clear and understandable. To do this, you can send us files by e-mail to receive printed products. The main thing to remember here is that the file format must meet the requirements for printing drawings, and in the body of the letter indicate the output paper size, as well as the quantity.

The process is somewhat more complicated for scanning drawings when ordering online. It is clear that you need a medium from which to scan. You can order online scanning of drawings, and send the original to us by courier service. After all the work done, we will send you back your original and the work we have done, i.e. scanned document.

At TYPOGRAFF Printing House you can be sure that your orders for printing drawings, scanning projects will be completed on time, inexpensively and correctly!

Wedding invitations, everything for a wedding in TYPOGRAFF typography
Getting ready for your wedding? Our TYPOGRAFF Printing House will be happy to help you! Regardless of whether you want a lavish celebration or a modest celebration of love for those closest to you, you need wedding accessories.
Here you will find everything for a wedding - wedding accessories for every taste!

Buy invitations for a wedding - wedding products from TYPOGRAFF printing house

The pre-wedding period is not only pleasant chores and the anticipation of a happy day, but also thousands of small but important things. Buying an invitation to a wedding to invite friends and relatives to share the joy of marriage is one of them, because it is they who create that noisy, cheerful and lively atmosphere that creates the holiday. Having received a wedding invitation, guests will know about the date and place of the celebration, so they can adjust their plans in advance, and the style of the wedding invitation will tell them how to dress and prepare for the upcoming event.

Why do you need wedding printing?

Having beautifully decorated the hall, a book of wishes, a banquet menu, personalized seating cards and a plan for seating guests at the table, and elegant packages - all this will help to organize a holiday at a high level. To create a special, solemn atmosphere, wedding printing is used, at the same time showing attention and respect for the guests.

At TYPOGRAFF Printing House you can be sure that your wedding celebration will go off with a bang!
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